Accurate Bio-Medical Technology


Hunan Accurate Bio-Medical Co., Ltd. is a professional medical equipment manufacturer, whose R&D and sales center are located in Shenzhen, and the factory is located in the Changsha National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone of Hunan Province in China.
Accurate Bio-Medical has been focusing on the R&D, manufacture, sale and service of Pulse Oximeter and relative patient monitor products. It has accumulated many years’ experiences in the field of Pulse Oximeter, patient monitor and medical accessories, and it also provides the OEM/DOM service for the customers.
Accurate owns the brands “Dr. O2”, “Accurate,” “ACCARE,” etc.

USER MANUALS for ACCURATE Bio-Medical devices

Here, you can conveniently download user manuals for a range of Fingertip Pulse Oximeters offered by Accurate.
These manuals provide detailed instructions, helpful tips, and troubleshooting guidance to ensure proper usage and maximize the benefits of the products. Accessible in PDF format, these resources aim to empower healthcare professionals and individuals alike in obtaining accurate readings and understanding the features of Accurate’s Fingertip Pulse Oximeters.